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Boiler installation is certainly something many people here have considered for their household. While getting a boiler installation in London is absolutely essential for your living, proper installation with quality material is undoubtedly as significant as it is for your long term convenience and reliability. 

Making sure that you know what type of boiler and its material is required for you is our main interest. We value your time and cost, thus providing you with our best services in detail at Mr Engineers Ltd.

At Mr Engineers Ltd we procure and provide you with valuable and worthwhile boiler installations in London. Our customer service providers are well trusted and trained in proficient supervision and maintenance for you. Our techniques and quality subsist your requirements with adequate and promising service from the selection of an appliance’s model or unit sizes, their material, or efficiency.

Types of boilers

  • Steam boilers – a very common and commercial or residential boiler, produces steam that is pressurized throughout pipes leading to the radiator, ultimately then providing you heat and hot water. 
  • Combi boilers – are provided with different types of fuel to generate and are favorable for small properties that are not required with water tanks. 
  • Regular boilers – preferred and suitable for family housing, supplies hot water services to more than one room and only requires both hot and cold water storage. 
  • Hot water boilers – circulation of water with pump support through pipes to your radiator that uses the heat from hot water to heat your place. 
  • System boilers – again these are designed for home residence and are simpler to install without taking any extra space. They have a hot water supply for unlimited faucets.  
  • Electric Boiler – An electric central heating boiler is a great option when there aren’t other fuels available. Though we do not install electric boilers, we can provide sufficient information on the differences between electric boilers & gas boilers to give you an informed choice related to boiler installation.

We are the experts when it comes to installing all types of boilers throughout the UK. We provide a wide variety of gas and LPG boilers according to the requirements of your house. You do not want to buy a new boiler often and so, it is important to know all your options before the installation.

At Mr Engineers Ltd, we have resources and means to provide prudent and reliable services of the boiler installation in London. 


14 Year Warranty On Selected Boilers

We are approved by all major manufacturers and can extend warranties up to 14 years depending on the make and model of the boiler you have choosen

Our services 

We retain a friendly strategy and approach for providing our services here at Mr Engineers Ltd for your boiler installation in London.

  • Call us for any procedures and to know about our methods.
  • We have strict protocols for keeping our customers satisfied with quality and reliability. 
  • Our service providers will assess your needs and estimate your budget before you can begin to consider and plan our boiler installation in London.
  • We understand and respect your availability and offer you with your chosen date and day for an appointment and are available for any support.

We support you with our service! 

With our high-quality service and integrity, you don’t have to worry about anything and be certain for excellence. Our experts at Mr Engineers Ltd will render that you experience advantageous services of the boiler installation in London. We are Gas Safe registered and always make sure your boiler fitters are certified to provide you with boiler installation services in London. 


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