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With years of experience in plumbing services and supplies, our team of 20 experts are here to help you with all your plumbing needs. Whether it is a complicated issue or one that just needs a quick fix, we’ll help you figure it out and fix it at the most affordable cost.

How can we help you?

Dexterous and slick, dishwashers have revolutionized house chores and really eased up the strenuous task of washing all the dirty and sticky dishes. Functional on both gas or electricity, dishwashers spray hot water on your culinary to get rid of all the dirt and grease and even drying them by hot air.

It is always advised that dishwasher disconnection and connection be carried out by experienced engineers because the dishwasher is a relatively convoluted machine, making it hard to carry out its services safely.

Careless handling of dishwashers has resulted in over 1,000 fires between 2002 and 2009. Contamination of the dishwashers with the fungus can result in accidents too.

However, the mention of this information is not to scare you from the lifeless machine helping you wash the dishes in your kitchen. It is just to make you aware of how necessary it is to seek professional help regarding home repair and maintenance services such as dishwasher disconnection & connection.

Licensed engineers – very necessary!

If you are thinking about doing it yourself, you have to hold back because even though it may seem easy and tempting and we don’t doubt your capabilities, it is vital to have legal approval of a certified engineer in the form of a certificate!

You should always be sure of whether a Gas Safe registered engineer is working with your gas appliances and a government body accredit electrical engineer is working with your electric appliances

Mr. Engineers – Taking care of all your needs!

You have come to the right place as Mr. Engineers will dispense authorized engineers with their licensed IDs to help you out in the matter of need.

Being scammed is one of the biggest fears of households here which is, of course, valid. We can help give you the peace by showing you all our official documents and permits!

Why select Mr.Engineers?

  • We make sure that our staff is exceptionally trained before providing services
  • We issue London Landlord Gas Safety Certificates to keep our clients away from licit troubles
  • We will issue you a Gas Appliance Installation Certificate with the details of appliances if gas appliances are being worked on
  • You can expect a local plumber at your place within 60 minutes anywhere in London
  • Our insurance covers up to 5 Million Public Liability because we value our customers’ satisfaction
  • We provide 24-hour emergency services all along the week!
  • Professional domestic and Commercial Electricians in London will provide premium dishwasher disconnection & connection in London

Our Service

We value your time, money, and comfort. This is why we arrive at the time our clients decide, and we make sure that our crew follows every legal protocol.

Expect leading services!

Our experience in this work has prepared us for the safe carrying out of service and we strive to put our expertise in use

As a professional firm, we make sure that leading services are provided to our clients and that too through cordial engineers because obviously, no one would want to interact with cranky service providers.

Our staff will make sure that you are provided every necessary document and commodity that is related to the services provided for you for the prevention of any possible legal issue!

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