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New Boiler Installation Offers

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New Boiler Installation Offers

1 February 2018 - 31 March 2018

| £450

It’s time to install the New Boiler of your dreams!

Free 5 years to 10 years parts and labor warranty with selected manufactors Now thats Value!

Labour only £450 plus 3 Boiler Service to keep your home warm and your warrenty in place

A Good Boiler Installation Requires

Your Convector Radiators PowerFlushed. When powerflushing your Convector Radiators you can be sure all the Stubburn sludge and dirt inside the Convector Radiators are removed

A Magnetic Filter Installed. A Magnetic Filter is a compact filter that delivers effective ongoing protection against the damaging effects of black iron oxide sludge and non-magnetic debris for all domestic central heating systems, It not only extends the systems operational life, but also reduces maintenance and energy bills as well as lowering carbon emissions.

A Electrolytic In-Line Scale Inhibitor Installed

Scale Inhibitor has been designed to prevent limescale build-up in homes and small commercial properties. This product is a non-polluting electrolytic water conditioner. The electrolytic cell alters the crystal structure of the limescale as it passes through, making it less likely to stick to pipes or other surfaces.

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1 February 2018
31 March 2018
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