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£20 Off on all our Power Flush Prices

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£20 Off on all our Power Flush Prices

1 December 2018 - 31 January 2019

| £160

Power Flush Heating Systems

Power flushing heating systems is the method used to clean heating systems, this consists of using a power flushing machine to pump a cleaning chemical around the heating system. (pipe work & radiators) This service should be carried out by a skilled plumber or heating engineer for the following reasons.

  • The power flushing machine should be connected to the flow and return pipes at the boiler.
  • A skilled engineer will detect resistance (faulty radiator valves) or other underlining problems.
  • Heating systems vary depending on the size of the property and the age of the system.
  • A skilled engineer will advise you on the condition of your system and any changes required.
  • Ask the engineer to install a magnetic system filter if you don’t already have one.
  • On completion a Scale inhibitor chemical is added during commissioning.

How do you know if a system needs a power flush

  • Are certain rooms much colder than others.
  • The heating system takes to long warm up.
  • One or more radiators cold at the bottom.
  • Always flush an existing system before fitting a new boiler.

Power Flushing Heating Systems Costs

Any boiler system over 3 years old will have begun to build up rust and metal deposits within the heating and boiler pipework which will be reducing the heating efficiency by 30%. To ensure the reliability of your boiler you should have it power flushed every 3-4 years. Power flushing radiators starts at £180.

Power Flush Offer Mon-Fri : 8am-6pm
Number of Radiators Price
1-4 £180.00
5-6 £200.00
7 £220.00
8 £240.00
9 £260.00


1 December 2018
31 January 2019
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