Vaillant EcoTEC Pro / EcoTEC Plus Error Codes ( Fault Codes )

Vaillant EcoTEC Pro / EcoTEC Plus Error Codes

Listed below are the most common error codes that you might see on your Vaillant EcoTEC Pro boiler.

Fault CodePossible Cause
F.00 / F.0Flow temperature sensor interruption
F.01 / F.1Return temperature sensor interruption
F.10Flow NTC short circuit
F.11Return NTC short circuit
F.20Safety switch off temperature limiter
F.22Safety switch off low water pressure
F.23Safety switch off temperature difference too great
F.24Safety switch off temperature is rising to fast
F.25Safety switch off flue gas temperature too high
F.26Error with gas valve – possible no function
F.27Safety switch off flame simulation
F.28Failure during start up – ignition unsuccessful to start
F.29Failure during operation – re-ignition unsuccessful
F.32Fan error
F.49eBUS error – possible short circuit
F.61Error with gas valve regulation
F.62Error with gas valve – switch off delay
F.63EEPROM error
F.64Electronics / NTC error
F.65Electronic temperature error could be overheating due to external influences
F.67Electronics flame signal error
F.68Unstable flame signal error air in gas
F.70Invalid device specific number (DSN)
F.71Flow NTC error – flow temperature sensor signal constant value
F.72Flow return NTC error – temperature difference too great
F.73Water pressure sensor signal in the wrong range, it is too low
F.74Water pressure sensor signal outside correct range, the sensor signal is too high
F.75Error with pressure – no pressure change detection when starting the pump
F.76Overheating protection on – primary heat exchanger has responded
F.77Flue non return flap condensate pump error
F.78Interruption to DHW outlet sensor at external controller
F.83Flow and or return temperature sensor error
F.84Error with flow/return temperature sensor temperature changing error
F.85Error with flow and return temperature, sensor incorrectly fitted
CONNECTIONNo communication with the PCB

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